Somèrfield Hair Mask FAQ's

Do you use it on wet or dry hair?

We recommend washing your hair and gently squeezing out excess water before using the cap. Rinse with warm water after 20 minutes.


Wouldn’t brushing my hair daily help my the condition of my hair?

While combing or brushing daily will help with tangles, our hair masks caps are pre-filled with a treatment to nourish, hydrate and repair your hair.


Is this treatment just for people with wavy or curly hair?

Our treatments work on all hair types – straight, chemically straightened, wavy or curly. Every hair type will benefit from nourishment and hydration.


Do I need to rinse off the mask?

Yes, the treatment isn’t a leave-in treatment, so you will need to wash it off with warm water.


How often do I treat my hair?

We recommend treating your hair every 7-10 days until hair is fully restored using the Somerfield Shampoo and Conditioner in between treatments. This will ensure your hair is fully nourished and in tip-top condition. Depending on the condition of your hair, we recommend treating your hair for added nourishment once every 2-3 washes.


How long does it take to see results?

After the first use! We recommend the three packs to give your hair a full 30 Day treatment to see longer lasting results.


Why a cap?

Our research has shown conditioning in the shower doesn’t allow enough time for your hair to properly repair and restore. Our caps are water proof, so while the cap is on you can take your time with the rest of your shower beauty routine. Or, heat the cap with a hairdryer and treat yourself to a 15 minute break.


Why do I need a Protein Booster?

Our Protein Boosters is packed with a high concentration of natural ingredients to naturally restore your hair at the molecular level. We recommend using a Protein Booster in conjunction with a Hair Mask – especially if you have long, thick or severely damaged hair.


Can I use the cap if I have color treated hair?

Absolutely! Our Hair Masks for color-treated hair contain additional Proteins & Cystein Complex to nourish and repair color-damaged hair faster.


What’s in the hair mask cap?

Each mask is pre-filled with 1.35 fl.oz / 40ml of hair mask.


What if my hair is really long?

If you have super long hair we recommend treating the ends with our Protein Booster along with a cap.


If I have hair extensions can I still use your product?

Absolutely you can! Using the caps will improve the overall health of your hair to match the condition of your extensions.


Are your products tested on animals?

No way! We love animals so our range is 100% animal cruelty free.


Are your products vegan?

Yes, our masks contain no animal products or derivatives, so are vegan friendly.


I follow the Curly Girl method can I use your products?

We would love to say yes, however our products do contain silicone. Having said that, our curly haired customers have been amazed by the condition of their curls. Curls really do love to be moisturised and nourished!


Does your product contain Parabens or Sulfates?

No there are no Sulfates or Parabens in our treatments.


I really want to use your products but I'm allergic to certain nuts. Where can I see your ingredients?

Our products contain natural ingredients and contain nut oil and nut extracts. For a full ingredient list, refer to product pages > INGREDIENTS tab per product.


What if I'm not happy with the results?

If you’re not happy with your results for any reason, then please shoot us an email at along with your order details and we will arrange a refund.